Every castle, no matter how strong in structure, needs an army of soldiers to help protect and defend it from an invasion.

In this epic battle, the soldiers’ duty is to warn the castle of impending attack and to commence in fighting off the enemy forces. Without these mighty soldiers, the castle and its hosts can fall prey to the invaders.

Protecting Your Castle

This same experience is also true to the health of your body and your immune system.

If your body (the castle) doesn’t have a healthy immune system (army of soldiers), your body becomes the host for various germs and microbes that can become an infection or disease.

The immune system is responsible for keeping these germs at bay. When an unwelcome virus or bacteria enter your body, your immune system goes to work, sending out healthy cells to fight back. One example of these healthy cells is the phagocyte.

Phagocyte is from the Greek word phagein, which means, “to eat” or “devour.” Phagocytes protect the body by attacking the germs and bacteria and eating them up. If all goes according to plan, your body comes out victorious and healthy! This happens millions of times each day without a conscious thought from you–if your nervous system is performing as it should.

Your Nervous System Is King

Who sends out the soldiers to attack?

That would be the king and those who work closely with him. Without a healthy nervous system orchestrating every cell, tissue, gland and system of your body, you’ll be more susceptible to invading armies of germs.

Strengthen your army by making sure you have a powerful king to lead the way. Likewise, strengthen your immune system by receiving regular chiropractic care for optimal nervous system health!

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