You may have noticed that from one visit to the next, your adjustments all seem the same. “Seem” is the key word!

To those without a chiropractic degree and professional experience, the timing, angle, force and intent may appear to be the same on each visit. Even more inaccurate is the assumption that all practice members are adjusted in the same way. Not true!

Every Chiropractor Is Different

There are many tools available to assist in an evaluation of your spine on each visit. These tools may include skin temperature readings along your spine, leg length measurements, posture, range of motion or even a high-tech tool called surface electromyograph. These and other objective measurements, combined with years of training and experience determine the care you receive on each visit.

That’s just the start. Your care is also based on a highly refined sense of touch. “Feeling with the hands” by gently pressing on muscles and spinal joints is called palpation. This form of ultra-sensitive touch provides volumes of information about joint stability, function and the approach that should be used. Nothing, not even an observant spouse or friend who accompanies you on your visit, can substitute for this special form of experience.

Individualized Care Just for You!

Your care is unique and your adjustments are tailored specifically to your individual needs. Your adjustments are unlike anyone else’s. That’s just one reason why we think you’re so special!

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