Dr. Darren Avise was born and raised in our community. His parents put down roots by buying a house in Auburn back in 1950. Dr. Avise returned to his home area after graduating from college in Georgia. Way back when, our practice was named Classic Chiropractic. Dr. Avise and his wife, Tammi (our office manager), took over in 2000. We enjoy serving those in our community as well as patients who visit us from Lakeland South, Sumner.

Our Mission

To unlock your maximum health potential through chiropractic care.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to heal and educate our community. To show the possibility that a properly functioning nervous system will manifest in increased personal potential and better life choices.

We seek to create an authentic, personalized experience in a consistent, thoughtful way.

Part of Your Health Care Team

If you’re wondering whether chiropractic is right for you, we want to assure you: if we don’t think it can help, we will refer you elsewhere. We work with orthopedists, MRI imaging facilities, attorneys and other professionals, and will always refer you when you can benefit from seeing someone in our professional network.

Getting You the Greatest Benefit 

Typically, a person comes to our chiropractic office because they’re in pain. Dr. Avise will perform a thorough exam and adjust you, as long as you are a candidate for care. When appropriate, Dr. Avise loves to recommend that his patients see one of our on-site massage therapists. Chiropractic and massage work hand-in-glove. In most cases, people are feeling much, much better within just a couple of weeks!

It’s important to know, however, that you don’t have to be in pain to see a chiropractor. Think of your health like a bank. You need to make far more deposits than withdrawals if you don’t want to end up with a negative balance. Chiropractic can be a regular part of your deposit schedule!

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